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Parking - Studio FF's rate includes on-site parking for two vehicles only.
Extra vehicles may enter the premise on a short term basis to unload, however must be removed for the majority of the rental period. It is the responsibility of the producer to allocate these two parking spots. All other vehicles must utilize street parking. If excess on-site parking is required $50 per vehicle applies. This fee will be added to the clients' invoice.

Studio Space - Studio FF's rate includes use of the upstairs studio only. Access + usage of other parts of the building must be organised in advance and may incur extra fees. 
Overtime - Studio FF's rates include bumping in and out. Overtime is strictly charged at $200/hr outside of a 10 hour (full day) or 5 hour (half day) period. This includes any time required for preparing and/or dismantling a shoot. Part of an hour will be charged as a full hour. 
Cancellations - Studio FF understand that changes happen but to maintain fairness we have a strict 48- hour no refund cancellation policy. Outside of this we are open to changes, but please be respectful of Studio FF as a small business.
Gear - Studio FF's rate strictly only includes the gear stated in 'rates and inclusions'. Any other request will be charged on top of this. 

Waste - Please remove large waste items that do not fit in the studio bin provided. Studio FF will charge a $200 waste removal fee if excessive amounts of waste are left.

In booking / participating in a shoot at Studio F.F, all aspects of the policy must be adhered to

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Studio F.F Policy

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